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Custom Database Software

Adelaide Hills Computers can design and write custom database applications, using Microsoft Access or HTML5/Java/PHP/CSS as a front end and MySQL or any other database as a back end. These applications can access back end databases over the Internet, from PCs, laptops, tablets or smart phones, allowing you, your employees or clients to perform permitted functions from anywhere in the world.

Problem Solving Software

We provide a problem solving application that is a useful tool in any field. It uses a relational database to define problems in terms of realistic goals; describe impediments and threats; examine probable causes; explore possible solutions and list actions and resources required to implement the best solutions. A new version called Prosolve is currently under development.

Prosolve is designed for profitable commercial problem solving by individual consultants in any field. Single user, corporate and enterprise licensing is available. Prosolve is network enabled, allowing users to simultaneously work on multiple projects for multiple clients in a single shared database, or across several distributed databases.