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Repairs by Remote Access

To have most computer problems diagnosed and repaired by remote access, simply follow these instructions.

Go to the TeamViewer website and download the latest edition of TeamViewer for Windows.

Save the software to your normal download location and install it by doubleclicking the TeamViewer_Setup file.

Select Private User when asked what type of installation you want.

When the software is installed and open on your desktop, note your ID and Password.

Contact me by one of the following methods

  • Phone +61427771999 or +61883897973 between 10 AM and 9 PM South Australian time
  • Email a request for remote service to admin@hills-computers.com and wait for a reply to arrange a mutually convenient time.
  • Search for admin@hills-computers.com, or pv@problemsolving.com.au on Skype and initiate a call, if showing online.

Provide your TeamViewer ID and password when asked.

Pay AU$65 by Paypal for the first hour when asked, after the connection is established.

Sit back and watch.