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The Proprietor - Resume

Adelaide Hills Computers is the home-based business of Peter Vervoorn, author of How to Run a Business From Your Home published by Angus &Robertson and Harper Collins.

Peter is a semi-retired Intel, AMD and Microsoft OEM System Builder; an IT professional with almost 50 years experience supporting home and business users (Installed first computer for Hawker Dehavilland in 1968.)

You are assured of competence, confidentiality, trustworthiness and professionalism. As a bonus, the cost of our home-based service is significantly less than other IT professionals with higher overheads.

Confidentiality and trust is as important in the repair or upgrade of your computer or network as technical competence. A computer technician has access to all the business and personal details stored on your computer; and must be discreet and trustworthy.

Technical skills and the ability to maintain the confidence and trust of clients and suppliers has been critical to a long and successful career in the computer industry. The proprietor of Adelaide Hills Computers has a current Police clearance certificate for work with schools and students.

The key to efficient and competent repairs is the ability to quickly diagnose and correct the problem. This only comes with experience. Over 25 years repairing computers, the proprietor has encountered and resolved every permutation of computer problem on every type of computer and peripheral device.