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Computer/Smart-phone Controlled Irrigation Systems

Tired of watering the garden in summer? Worried about how much water you consume?

We can design a new computer controlled irrigation system or computerize your existing system to save you time, energy, inconvenience, money and precious water, while ensuring your garden receives optimum moisture.

A computerized irrigation system can be controlled by computer, tablet or smart-phone from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, so you can take a break without worries about watering.

Watering schedules are modified by local weather forecasts and rainfall and/or soil moisture sensors, so you can give your patch an extra soak in hot weather and not waste water when it rains or freezes.

The irrigation controllers communicate with a server in South Australia via the Internet. You must have an Internet connection and a wireless modem/router for the system to work. We can supply the wirless modem/router.

Each controller can control up to 10 zones and up to 10 schedules, so you can achieve great flexibility in watering cycles. If you want more than 10 zones you can install extra controllers.

You can download an App for Apple or Android smart phones and tablets to control your system. For additional ease of use you can upload a unique photo or map for each zone to help you identify sections of your property. It is easy to tweak the performance of each zone from the comfort of an armchair.

Each controller installation includes at least one and up to 3 flow sensors to measure water used in each zone, monitor performance and detect leaks, broken pipes or blockages.